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Marketosms is providing you the most reliable business communication solutions by following laws & regulations. Communications are Zero friction with security assurance plus engaging and reliable.

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Design Assurance

We present you the highly secure website with safe upgraded design.

Quality code
Compliance Policy

We are Trustworthy Company by following the rules, law & regulation regarding design, server security and data safety including GDPR and PSD2.

24/7 support
Customer Care Service

We are available24/7 in your services around the globe by Chat, Emails as well.

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Quickly access to your business connections through every channel

Engaging communication by delivering reliable customer support. Make strong business relations with quick access through every channel. Try these most trustworthy channels for better customer support experience.

Built systematically engaging correspondence at scale

Marketosms is proud to deliver you the secure app that will help you in sustaining business relation on top. By using this application you can directly access to build voice, SMS, whatsapp, messenger, Wechat with authentic users and manage your contacts through REST APIs directly.

Marketosms API
sms api
Use any programmable language to easily integrate various communication channels and modules into your business workflows.
Marketosms Web-Portal
sms portal
Build customer journeys easily with drag and drop automated workflows and create detailed profiles to personalize customer communication.

Developer’s first choice, Best solution for business

99.999% Undoubtful API Response Rate

Marketosms don’t settle for less. Therefore, we show fully secure API success rates that ensure your perfect business app and there is no chance to down app performance at any cost.

100% security Assurance

Marketosms is the strongest company that is trusted by largest enterprises. They can easily keep their data in our web application for safe use. Following regulatory compliance with ISO 27002 & GDPR security shield compliant to access our enterprises.

Pocket-friendly Charges

You pay for what you use. Marketosms provides you discounted offers on each app. feel free to use any channel.

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Come and join us and be a part of highly advanced application that make your communication incredibly quick and easy.

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Deliver your customers better support experience

We are reliable platform for newly established businesses to promote their communication with privacy and compliance. We provide better support experience to our valued customers.

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